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The Germanic Linguistics Occasional Papers (GLOP) archive (yes, the silly acronym is intentional) is a student-run electronic archive intended to promote communication and facilitate the exchange of ideas among graduate students in linguistics, especially those with an interest in the Germanic languages.

We welcome submissions of papers written by graduate students and dealing with any of the Germanic languages, including (but not limited to) Dutch, English, German, Scandinavian languages, Yiddish, and older Germanic languages. Papers dealing with phonology, syntax, morphology, language acquisition, pidgins and creoles, dialectology, sociolinguistics and other aspects of language change and linguistic structure are accepted.

All papers will be reviewed by the editorial staff at UW-Madison and by an anonymous reviewer, who will be drawn from a pool of graduate students outside of the University of Wisconsin. Though the review process for papers accepted for submission on this archive will not be as rigorous as at professional journals, we do expect papers to meet minimum standards in order to be published. Papers of "working paper" quality or high-quality seminar papers are encouraged. This is a student journal, but it is intended to showcase the best work being done by graduate students in our field.

Any graduate student interested in becoming a reviewer should contact editorial consultant David Holsinger by email. Please be sure to note areas of specialization and the frequency with which we may contact you.

GLOP will also include a listing of students in Germanic Linguistics and their areas of specialization, with links to listed students' email and homepages. Anyone interested in being listed on our links page should contact editorial consultant Paul Houseman by email. Please include your email address and homepage URL to be linked to our links Web page, as well as any other information you wish to include about yourself.


Guidelines for submission:

Submissions are handled electronically and should be made in two of the following formats, if possible:

  1. Macintosh or IBM word processor file (MS Word, Word Perfect or Nisus Writer formats) please note that Macintosh submissions are strongly preferred,
  2. RTF (Interchange format) or ASCII file (Text Only),
  3. HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) file.

Contact general editor Jules Gliesche if you are interested in submitting. In your email, make note of the title and format of any file you have attached and of any special fonts or special characters which your paper requires.

Please include a 100-word abstract, written using as few special symbols as possible, with all submissions. This will be converted to HTML and linked to the site, along with your paper (if accepted). The paper will then be available for downloading via FTP.


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Jules D. Gliesche
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Mary Bailey
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Emily Goss
David Holsinger
Paul Houseman
Ewa Jacewicz
Jeanne Schueller
Regina Smith

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