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James Steakley

Professor of German
844 Van Hise Hall


Shown above inside a Stone Age Hünengrab (megalithic grave) near Idstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, Jim Steakley carried out undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago and graduate work at Cornell University. He also enrolled at the Universität Frankfurt, the Freie Universität Berlin, and the Humboldt-Universität Berlin before coming to Wisconsin in 1977. His teaching deals with modern German culture, and he has taught as a guest professor at Berlin, Hannover, and Freiburg. His research focuses on 20th-century German, Dutch, and Scandinavian gay history. He has served on the editorial boards of New German Critique, German Quarterly, Journal of the History of Sexuality, and Journal of Homosexuality in addition to chairing the Division of Lesbian and Gay Studies of the Modern Language Association and the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Committee on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Issues. 

Selected publications:

  • Die Freunde des Kaisers. Die Eulenburg-Affäre im Spiegel zeitgenössischer Karikaturen (Hamburg: MännerschwarmSkript, 2004).
  • "Selbstkritische Bemerkungen zur Mythologisierung der Homosexuellenverfolgung im Dritten Reich." In Nationalsozialistischer Terror gegen Homosexuelle. Verdrängt und ungesühnt, ed. Burkhard Jellonnek and Rüdiger Lautmann (Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh, 2002) 55-68.
  • "Cinema and Censorship in the Weimar Republic: The Case of Anders als die Andern." Film History (New York) 11.2 (1999) 181-203.
  • "Per scientiam ad justitiam: Magnus Hirschfeld and the Sexual Politics of Innate Homosexuality," in Science and Homosexualities, ed. Vernon A. Rosario (New York: Routledge, 1997) 133-154.
  • "Franz Schubert - absolut schwul?" In Responsibility and Commitment: The Ethics of Cultural Mediation. Festschrift für Jost Hermand, ed. Klaus L. Berghahn et al. (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 1996) 109-124.
  • Gay Men and the Sexual History of the Political Left, co-edited with Gert Hekma and Harry Oosterhuis (Binghamton: Haworth, 1995).
  • The Homosexual Emancipation Movement in Germany, 5th printing (Salem, NH: Ayer, 1992).


Photo of Steakley Jim Steakley beside a Viking Age "picture stone" depicting the entry of
a hero into Valhalla, originally erected on the island of Gotland and
now on display in the entrance hall of the Historiska Museet,


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