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Undergraduate Stockwerk Deutsch

German language floor @ Tripp/Adam's Hall

Where is Stockwerk Deutsch : Lakeshore dorm Adams Hall.

What is Stockwerk Deutsch :
A German-immersion living community with 14 spaces available for upper-class students, supervised by a resident native-speaker of German.

What do we do @ Stockwerk Deutsch:
1. Talk, discuss, have fun in German.
2. Have regular meals with German-speaking guests (including faculty and grad students from the German Department), watch German films, play games, go for adventurous field trips, discuss, at times cook and bake in German.
3. Prepare for the study abroad year in a German-speaking country. Get nostalgic about the wonderful time we spent in Bonn and Freiburg.
4. Bug the native speaker with questions about grammar, composition, and expression problems in German.

1. Contact the German Department (818, Van Hise Hall) for further information (608 /262-2192).
2. Email Prof. Charles James (, the faculty liaison for Stockwerk Deutsch.
3. Talk to your German Professor or Grad Instructor about possibilities of living in Stockwerk Deutsch.
4. Talk to the current residents and find out more about this German- speaking living community on campus.

Important Deadlines:
December 1: Housing and German Department applications available.
January 24: Applications due for returning students (i.e. residents of University Housing)
March 1:
a) Completed Residential Housing applications due in Residential Housing office (625 Babcock Drive) AND
b) Completed German Department applications due in German Department (818 Van Hise)

Download the application here:

View the flyer here:


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