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The German Club - Mission Statement 

On October 12th, 1999, a group of undergraduate German students organized themselves into a band of interested, enthusiastic members of Der deutsche Klub, or the German Club. The German Club was registered as an official Student Organization on Oct. 21, 1999. The Department of German Studies at the University of Wisconsin - Madison has long been recognized as an influential center for research and scholarship at the Graduate level, and it is the intention of the German Club to also foster that enthusiasm for German culture at the undergraduate level. An objective of the club, which invites not only German majors but any undergraduate interested in social and scholastic projects which supplement an appreciation for German studies, will be to establish a cultural enrichment program which  will not only enhance the German major’s study of German culture and promote an appreciation for German cinematography, literature, art, music or theater, politics or genealogy, but also generally intensify a campus-wide appreciation for German cultural history. The club will decide upon a list of activities not previously offered on campus, for example specific film screenings, poetry or prose readings, one act performances, mock debates or book clubs, which would greatly augment the understanding for many aspects of German life and strengthen an appreciation for international discovery and international awareness. Bearing in mind the rich German heritage of in the State of Wisconsin, and the University’s commitment to excellence in the field of German Studies, the German Club feels that it is of upmost importance to organize activities, academic and otherwise, which can foster this appreciation among students inter-departmentally.  Lisa Cerami




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