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Graduate Program

At the graduate level, the Department offers curricula leading to the degree of Master of Arts and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy with specialization in several fields of literature and linguistics. In addition, it offers candidates the opportunity to do specially-tailored work with other units on campus, such as the departments of Comparative Literature, History, Art History, Communications Arts, Scandinavian Studies, Linguistics, as well as the Jewish Studies, European Studies and Women's Studies Programs. 

In addition, the Department offers an Graduate external minor, the requirements for which are as follows: 
  • Students outside the department may pursue a Graduate minor by taking four graduate-level courses, at least two of them at the 600-level or above.
  • Interested students should consult with the Department of German Graduate Coordinator and have the minor plan approved by the Chair.
  • a) Below the 600-level, the following courses are eligible: 302, 303, 305, 337, 351, 352, 362, 372, 375, 409, 410, 411, 465, 510, 518, 560
  • b) Please note that of courses numbered 600 and above, the following do not count for the Graduate external minor:
    • Capstone senior seminars (673, 676, 677, 683)
    • Individual Directed Studies courses (698, 699, 799, 990) and Teaching Practica (723-725)


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