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About our Programs

The Department offers a full range of courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. Our extensive undergraduate offereings include courses in the languages, literatures, and cultures of the German, Dutch and Yiddish-speaking areas. Furthermore, in coordination with the UW Office of International Studies and Programs, the department works to provide study abroad opportunities for majors and non-majors alike. Undergraduate majors and non-majors, as well as prospective majors, should take a look at the Undergraduate Program Booklet. 

Undergraduate Level

At the graduate level, the Department offers curricula leading to the degree of Master of Arts and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy with specialization in several fields of literature and linguistics. In addition, it offers candidates the opportunity to do specially-tailored work with other units on campus, such as the departments of Comparative Literature, History, Art History, Communications Arts, Scandinavian Studies, Linguistics, as well as the Jewish Studies, European Studies and Women's Studies Programs. 

Graduate Level

In addition, the Department offers an Graduate external minor, the requirements for which are as follows: 
  • German 611, or, if the candidate has taken its equivalent elsewhere, another 600-level literature course, 
  • Two (2) additional graduate literature courses, only one of which may be on the 600 level (the other is on the 700 level), 
  • A seminar in literature. 


The Dutch Studies Program is proud to offer Dutch language, linguistics, literature and culture courses on the undergraduate and graduate levels. Some of these are taught in English, some in Dutch, so that they serve the various needs of students from all over the university. Please see our website for information on the courses, extracurricular activities, research opportunities, the U.W. study abroad program, and grants and fellowships. 
  • Dutch Program Homepage 
  • AANS - the American Association for Netherlandic Studies 



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